Pacific Northwest Christmas Decorators Annual Meeting – New Props for the Show!

On April 27, 2024 I was able to attend the annual get together of Christmas lighting enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest. Affectionately this meeting is called C.L.A.P. which stands for Christmas Light Addiction Problem. No this wasn’t a 12 step program meeting (although maybe it should or could be), but rather a get together of lighting enthusiasts to share knowledge and socialize. This is one of the longest running groups of this type in the country. This year was the 20th year. If you have a light show big or small we would love to have you come join us for next year’s meeting. (Next year was announced as Saturday May 3rd but I wouldn’t mark this as a hard and fast date quite yet.) The official website of C.L.A.P is https://nwclap.com.

I have worked with Charlee’s Props since meeting Thom at last years C.L.A.P get together. His company created our Whale Tails and our big Orcas. This year the Orcas are going to be placed more center stage. Because of that, I thought I needed a bit more foundation for them and picked up the waves that you see in the picture. Thom also has stockings and doves and since I needed something for the porch I was able to pick them up at the event.

Dove with Xlights Wiring Diagram

I told many of you that this year I was not going to be adding much to the hillside. I knew I was going to replace my triple arches with ones that had 3 times the lights in them, but I really hadn’t planned on adding a lot of new props. Of course the best laid plans change particularly as I started re-arranging the hillside. The new props that are either here or have been ordered include:

  • “Waves” below the Orcas (Charlees)
  • 10 new triple arches – these have many more pixels than the previous version (there are 300 per 6ft arch) (Charlees)
  • 2 Doves for the porch (Charlees)
  • 4 Stockings for the porch (Charlees)
  • 1 Additional Mandala Flake to balance out the one I already have. (Charlees)
  • 10 spinners for the roof to join Whalen (Depoe Bay Lights)
  • Showstopper Trees (EFL)

All of the Charlees props are made from X-Flute Fire Resistant Coroplast (plastic sign material) and were designed, cut and drilled by Thomas. If you need good strong CORO props you should reach out to them. The Spinners are something I decided I needed to put together to give Whalen some company on the roof. As many of you may know the Orcas were originally on the roof. The wind we had in 2023 had me concerned that they may become air born so I moved them to the porch at the last minute. Since the roof seemed lacking in light the spinners this year are my solution. They are made from PVC parts and pieces that I have spray painted black. The pixel clips and shingle mounts I printed on my 3d Printer.

At the CLAP event I also picked up at the swap meet a wireframe Santa Sleigh. This one is a small traditional Santa in his Sleigh (about 3ft by 3ft) and will be on the left side of the hill once I get him painted, lit, and a model for him created in xLights. I may do a separate blog post showing how I light a traditional wireframe with pixels and build the model in xLights.

Also coming out of the annual meeting, I picked up a couple of light sequences. From BFLight Shows – Angels We Have Heard on High by Tommee Profitt (feat. Nicole Serrano and Steven Malcolm) and Mary Did you Know by Tommee Profitt (feat Jordan Smith). Not from the Annual Meeting but sequences I have also added to the show include: Noel (He Is Born) by Tommee Profitt (feat. Stanaj) and Go Tell it On the Mountain also by Tommee Profitt (feat. Crowder). Do you sense the theme? Our SUNDAY night show is going to be Tommee Profitt music. He is an incredible producer that has breathed new life into these traditional Christmas songs. Don’t forget the New Music post – vote on what else I should add. It changes regularly and you can change your vote if you would like.

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