New Music Sections for the 2024 Holiday Season

New Music for 2024

New Music Depoe Bay Lights Holiday Light Show

We watch all of the vendors throughout the year for opportunities to add music / sequencing to our show. This post will be used to share with you all the new music that we will be adding for the 2024 show season.

We do try to select modern/contemporary music as well as classic Christmas songs that everyone knows. We love your suggestions. Use the contact form or the comments section below and let us know what you would like to see and hear…

For our “After Party” (12/16 to New Year) we also add Non Christmas Songs. (these songs are also available during Christmas season by using the Control the Show menu item on this website.)

Ready to go for the 2024 Show:

The layout and new props for the 2024 season have not been finalized yet. Until I have that done I can’t add them to the show or create preview videos.

Procured for Import and Sequencing:

Planned – Not yet Procured

The Possibility List - Vote for the one(s) to include
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These are all songs that are being considered for the 2024 Depoe Bay Lights Show this holiday season.

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