This show would not be possible without the help and assistance of a LOT of people and companies financially, physically and intellectually :

  • Bill and Peggy Masella – Creators of the Show.
  • Pacific View Lodging/Trollers Lodge – Home for the show on the hillside on Coast Ave.
  • DJ Hedberg – Creator of Whalen (our Whale prop), metal fabricator, general help with placing of equipment and lights.
  • Diane Snyder and Bill Poutney – “Poking of Pixels”, Hanging of Props and Raising of the Mega Tree.
  • Jonathan Maldonado – Hanging of Props, Putting the Whales on the Roof, Landscape Maintenance.
  • Tyler, Jake, Dwight and Kyle, DJ – assistance with getting the spotlights on and off the roof.
  • xLights – software for creating of the show sequences that set the lights to the music.
  • Falcon Controllers – the F16V3 and F48V4 pixel controllers.
  • ForkInEye – ESPixelStick Controllers and Software.
  • Falcon Player – software to schedule the show light sequences that runs on the Raspberry Pi computers. It also keeps everything running in sync.
  • Remote Falcon – software used with Falcon Player and this website that allow you to CONTROL the SHOW.
  • The Christmas Lighting Community – for answering my questions, helping with configurations, sharing sequences and ideas and for making this an enjoyable hobby and past time.

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