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2024 Planning

We have started working on the 2024 light show. In 2023 we added a significant number of elements to the show. 2024 we will not be adding that much but we will definitely be reworking the hillside and replacing some of our current props with a “better” revised version.

Planned (*not confirmed*) new props and equipment for 2024 include:

  • Replace the triple arches with new triple arches that are made of black coroplast and seed pixels. We will likely increase the density of the lights from 150 to 300 when we do this.
  • New High Density prop called an Infinity Spinner – This prop has over 1400 pixels (lights) and will be able to create some dazzing effects.
  • New Custom piece that will be a take on Santa and his sleigh…
  • New controller boxes for the added props and less power injection and more power balancing across props.

Adjustments to the layout:

  • Expand the spacing – make the props utilize the entire hillside. (Go Wider)
  • Have more than 1 center of focus… The mega tree will be one center but there will also be one further south near the center of the building above.
  • Rearrange props so that taller items are behind shorter items.
  • Move the matrix (screen) to the far left side of the porch
  • Whales will be moved to the hillside – many visitors missed them in their hidden location on the edges of the porch. (They were supposed to be on the roof but with the wind we decided to not risk them blowing off.)
  • Expand the pixel forest to be wider on the hillside.
  • Move the singing face elements to the center of the hillside.
  • Show Network will be rebuilt to make it easier to connect things on the hillside. This will require adding some permanent network wiring as well as some permanent electrical (summer project).
  • Hillside music will need to be expanded to include both of the main centers of focus. May change this all to wireless (radio) instead of wired connections.
  • Angel Wings… not sure what I am going to do with these but I need to do something. I didn’t like the kiosk.


  • Rebuild some of the columns on the main building that have become brittle and aged after multiple years in the weather.
  • Update some “HEAVY” props with seed pixels to reduce their weight for hanging.
  • Weather related fixes for a number of the props… pixel replacements, corrosion on the connectors, updates to mounts.
  • Flood Lights. Not all were working. Need to determine where to include them and the appropriate power requirements for them.

This may seem like a lot of stuff but really it is part of the year round hobby and what we would normally be doing this time of the year. In the middle of summer we will start working on the new music and sequences for the year and the updates to the existing to support new show elements. (There will be a heavy emphasis on the latter particularly related to the higher density props and the moving heads.)

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