Top 10 Songs of 2023 from Control the Show

These are the top 10 songs that were requested on the Control the Show page at Depoe Bay Lights for 2023.

1. Little Drummer Boy – For King and Country
2. The Greatest Show – The Greatest Showman cast.
3. Hot Chocolate – Tom Hanks from Polar Express
4. Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer – Elmo and Patsy
5. Carol of the Bells – Lindsey Stirling
6. Circle of Life – Lion King
7. Let It Go – Frozen
8. Baby Shark – Pinkfong
9. Santa Clause is Coming to Town – Phineas and Ferb
10. What’s This – Danny Elfman Nightmare Before Christmas

Some other interesting statistics for the 35 days we ran the show in 2023:

  • Our busiest day for song requests was Dec 31st. We had 58 song requests that evening, followed closely by Dec 22nd with 55.
  • We had 475 people use the Control the Show web page during the season. Many of them requested multiple songs.
  • The day with the most number of people using Control the Show was Dec 22 with 23 different people on the page.
  • There were 983 Song Choices made by visitors
  • There were 471 Unique Visitors
  • The web page was visited over 800 times

The Control the Show option seems to be catching on with visitors and statistics show that there were many more visitors later in the season than earlier. Obviously attributable to the fact that we were getting closer to Christmas but also I think more people were discovering the capability. Lets keep it going for 2024.

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