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It has been quite awhile since I sat and did WordPress stuff. I decided that I wanted to update the website because I needed a place to put the information about this hobby/addiction that is Christmas Light show. Funny tidbit of information – I am heading up to Lacey WA in a few day to attend a get together called C.L.A.P. (Christmas Light Addiction Program) This is a group of like minded hobbyists/enthusiasts that meet once a year for a social event but to also learn from each other and share ideas.

In reworking the website. I want to have a place for the visitors of the show to go to get information about the show and to of course be able to Control the Show when it is running. I also love to hear guest comments and I really would love to see images and videos that you have taken during the show.

Additionally, I wanted a place to document the history of the show. I’ve been doing this now for a couple of years and I really don’t have any written information about what props were added when, the configurations, the builds that I did, sequencing, etc. I get asked quite a bit what it takes to build a show like this, and in the various posts and links that I will be sharing I hope you can get a sense of the hobby.

Finally, I would like a place for other hobbyists to go and get information. I won’t be the new guy forever and hope that as I learn things and work through challenges that I can share that information to help others create their first light show or make their existing light show better.

The Journal page is where I will make these posts about various things I’m working on. My Resources page is basically my browser bookmark page. The Video and Image page will hopefully document the show across the years.

If you are a visitor to our show… please feel free to interact and comment. We love to hear your thoughts. What we can do better, how we can increase our enjoyment. Nothing better for me than to be standing on the hillside and see someone’s face light up (and not from all of the lights on the hillside) with joy and amazement, children dancing in the street to the music, and all of the questions. Don’t save the questions for the hillside. This is a 365 day hobby for me.

For the guest that asked I am still looking for a Dolly sequence. Stay tuned.

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