Spotlight (Moving Heads) Maintenance

After nearly 2 years on the roof it was time for the moving head spotlights to be taken down for some much needed maintenance. Even though we have them fully covered for most of the year the salt in our air is relentless and our high humidity allows things to “grow” where you would least expect it.  I had to pull all of the lenses to clean on both sides the moldy yuck that was in them.

2022 also saw the failure of one of the fixtures. I went up on the roof and replaced the bulb thinking that was the issue but unfortunately it was not so we ended up closing the season with only 2 of the spotlights. Here we are in May and after searching high and low for parts (the disadvantage of purchasing direct from a supplier overseas) I was finally able to locate the ballast that I needed.  I made sure I ordered a couple extra ones just in case.

As you can see we now have all 3 of them functioning again and almost ready to put back up on the roof. When you press play you will hear just how noisy the fans are in these things… Fortunately they are on the roof and the viewer never actually hears them, or at least doesn’t notice.


I will be adding some paint to the areas that have started to rust. This is a never ending battle I’m afraid. After 2+ years it really isn’t that bad.   (Yes, those are some new coro props on the table for the 2023 show.  There will be a number of them introduced this year and I will post about them as we build them out.)

I am considering adding a 4th fixture this year. I have been searching around for one that has a plastic case. So far not much luck (at least not in my price range).  This model is no longer available. 

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