Moving Heads

A Preview of 2023

Peggy asked for a sequence… She doesn’t make a request like that very often so I’ve been working on it and the preview can be seen below.

The hillside for the show has changed quite a bit for this year as you can see. We are in the process of building and populating props with pixels for a number of the new elements. The elements will include:

  • Angel Wings (Interactive Selfie Station – Choose the color you want the wings to display)
  • Snowflake Arches
  • Orca Whales (on the roof currently a solid line because the mapping is not done)
  • Whale Tails
  • Singing Tree
  • Spiral Flat Trees
  • Peace Stakes (Pixel Forest)
  • Mandala Flake – (Large Circle on the left building)
  • Firework Stars – (Large multiple arm spheres)
  • Tune To Sign
  • Triple Arches
  • Moving Head Light Fixtures (3 additional)
New Lighting Layout for 2023

It’s a lot. I do not have the final count on the number of bulbs we will have this year. I will save that until we actually get them all deployed. We will also be experimenting with a new kind of bulb called a seed pixel. They are less expensive than the bullet nodes we normally use BUT they need to have an “adapter” 3d printed so that they can be used with our props. We will see how that goes.

About the Video Sequence Preview below – This is Loren Allred’s song from The Greatest Showman. It is called Never Enough. We used a sequence from Showstopper Sequences and from John Spiker to provide the basics and then we mapped it over to fit with our layouts and props.

For 2023 show we expect to have a number of new songs but since we have added so many elements we are having to rework each of the songs from previous years as well…. Remember you can choose the songs you would like to see on the Control the Show page. You will know the new ones for this year as they will be prefixed with 2023. We have not built out the show(s) for this year yet but on Control the Show you will have access to ALL of the sequences regardless of whether we include them (and many will not be) in a show.

As always we love to hear your comments and feedback.

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