Whale Themed Props for 2023 Season

In addition to rewiring Whalen (our large gray whale from our first season) and putting him back up on the roof this year, we have commissioned for 2 additional whale themed props to be created for us.

Whale Tails waiting for their pixels.

I have already received 8 whale tails that we designed with the help of Thomas at Charlees Props. These are about 2 feet tall and in addition to being a whale tail, we can light a specific set of lights and create a flying bird within them.

Orca Concept for the Roof

The other custom that we are still waiting for is coming from a vendor back east. We will have a pair of Orca whales joining Whalen on the roof. These are going to be about 8 feet in length. and will be made with both black and white coro so during the day they will actually look like Orca Whales. I have no ETA on these.

For an update on Whalen (our rebar gray whale):

  • We pulled him from the roof and clipped all of his pixels off (we originally used zip ties to attach them and we had a section last year even after multiple attempts at repair failed to light. That section is now removed and all pixels are working again.
  • We have wirebrushed all of his rust and repainted him with a fresh coat of black paint.
  • We found some rebar clips and had them resized so that we could use clips now instead of zip ties to re-attach the lights. Inspire Light Shows resized them for us to use with our 1/4″ rebar.
  • I have printed a couple hundred of the clips thus far and will soon embark on the task of rewiring all of the lights onto the frame.

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