man in santa claus costume

2022 Christmas Update

man in santa claus costume
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The 2022 Christmas Season will soon be upon us. Depoe Bay Lights will be back for our second season on the hillside behind Trollers Lodge on the south side of Depoe Bay. The layout will be slightly different from last year. We have added some new props including a Merry Christmas sign, some starfish, two singing face elements, and a second large tree that will be located on the opposite side of the hill. We have also added the ability to hear the music if you are walking by the show and do not have a radio. Simply press the button on the “No Radio?” sign and we will play the music to a speaker for about 5 minutes.

For this Christmas season we have also added a number of songs. Our total available songs will be somewhere in the 30 range. Not all of them will be featured in the normal, self running show each night, but using the Control the Show tab here will allow you to insert any of them into the show while you watch. New songs for this year will include “A Christmas Twist”, “Boogie Woogie Santa”, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”, It’s Officially Christmas, and Kermit the Frog singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

This year we will have about 18,000 individually controlled lights in the display. We are often asked how we make it all work so we have added a page that talks about the details of the display. We will also have one of the “controllers” in a see through box to let you take a peek at the technology. You can also do Google searches for some of the technology we use which include: xLights, Falcon Controllers, Boscoyo Studios, and Gilbert Engineering.

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