Heading into Crunch Time

We are heading into Crunch time now. (The countdown timer on the main page is freaking me out a bit.)

You will start to see us put things onto the hillside. We have the poles for the trees up already, the matrix is up, today my helpers were working on the gutter line and putting up the snowflakes and stars.

I have many of the “mounts” built for most of the props and you will see them start to appear as I move them out of Santa’s Workshop to the hillside.

Still A LOT to do!

Arches are still being built and lights will need to be put into them. Already building a plan B for them as I have been having problems with my 3D printer and I broke my jig for drilling holes into the pipe. (Working on printing another jig as I type.)

The whales need to move to the roof as well as the new moving lights.

Everything needs to be wired. I have built all of the control boxes now it is just a matter of getting them all placed and each of the props wired to the appropriate box and injected with enough power to be sure we get the right colors and no flickering.

Voiceover for this years show introduction is in process and we should have that in the next few days so we can start building the nightly shows schedule. We are going to have a different show each night of the week that will repeat. We expect each night will be 6-10 songs in length. Specialty songs like Baby Shark, some of the Parodies, and some non-Christmas songs will only be available on the Control the Show page of the website.

I have started working on Control the Show. I am going to try to give you some categories rather than just a big long list but that means songs may appear twice with different category names. We will see how it goes. I am also going to include an indicator at the end of the song name so that you know if the song has singing faces or moving heads… Many people like these two effects and not all songs have them. (fm) is the designation with f meaning it has faces and m meaning that the moving heads are programmed.

Check the web page to see when we will officially have our first show. Peggy and I will be hosting a tailgate on Friday and Saturday (and maybe other) evenings where you can get a cup of coffee (sponsored by Left Coast Coffee) of Hot Chocolate (sponsored by Trollers Lodge) and a candy cane.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you this year!

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