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The Angel Wings have arrived. EFL-Designs shipped them I think the same day that I ordered them and they are here waiting to have lights added to them. Each of the wings will have 500 lights.

The plan is to have the wings down at the street level. You will be able to select from one of the 5 colored buttons and the wings will halt what they are normally doing as part of our regular show and change to the color that you selected. You will be able to step up to them, do your photos and after about 45 seconds they will rejoin the regular running light show.

Angel Wing selfie sign - Depoe Bay Lights

I have ordered the aluminum sign that will hold the buttons and provide some brief instructions. It will be mounted separate from the wings on a podium yet to be designed. (A project I hope to give to my contractor to come up with a creative solution.) Nothing really fancy… just some 4x4s that can be quickly added or removed from the hillside. The podium will also need to house the electronics that will control the buttons. This is a great device from Experience Lights called a GPIO Extender. The purpose of this is to tell the computer which button was pressed so the computer can pull the wings out of the regular show and display whatever color you are wanting for your pictures.

PI Angel Wing Controller

I have also started building the box that will control the lights themselves. It will have to contain a power source for the pixels but will also house the raspberry pi which will control the sequencing and connection to the regular show and also the button and the sequences associated with each of them. You can see in this picture the power supply with the raspberry pi mounted to the top as well as a voltage reducer (the pi runs on 5v but my pixels run on 12 v and the power supply is 12v so I need to step the power down). The experience lighting “hat” is mounted on top of the pi and I have connected wires to the appropriate pins on the pi for the lights which will actually turn into a much beefier pigtail that will exit the waterproof box. There will also be two Ethernet connections coming out of the box. One that will connect the power/pi box to the buttons and the other will connect the pi to the main show.

I have yet to determine how I am going to mount the wings. I suspect it will be 3/4in EMT pipe to help withstand the wind. I will update this post with additional comments and pictures as I continue working on the project.

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